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Message from President & CEO

Kokyo Asset Management Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that on February 1, 2020, we celebrate 10 year anniversary since we became a group company of Kokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. During past 10 years, we have managed a number of properties of JPY220 billion AUM in cumulative value of various types such as office, retail, residential, logistics and hotels and provided value addition services and development services. Upon 10th anniversary, I would like to express sincere appreciation to our customers, financial institutions, service providers and partners.

We have organized a company structure so that we can provide professional services to various investors’ requirements on investment in real estate (including trust beneficiary certificates) and different types of securities such as stocks and loans. At present, we are managing real estate private fund invested by many institutional investors and companies of both domestic and overseas. Our asset management services are provided by our professionals who possess abundant experiences and expertise in the real estate and financial industry for a long time.

During next decade, all of us are committed to make further efforts to improve asset performance and improve investors’ satisfaction by demonstrating and leveraging our strength as an independent manager, know-how, in-depth knowledge and high level expertise that are backed up by our past track records. We are aware that importance on protection of investors’ interests and securing fairness in transactions are increasing. In order to meet trust and requirements by our investors, we have announced our commitment to meet compliance requirements and organized internal compliance system.

Lastly, we commit and endeavor to contribute to Japanese real estate market by creating and adding values through our real estate asset management services. We greatly appreciate it if you can provide your continuous support and advice to us.

Takemasa Mita, President & CEO, Kokyo Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Company Outline

Company Name
Kokyo Asset Management Co.,Ltd.
Prare Ginza Building 12th floor, 1-14-4, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel 03-5579-9552(Representative) Fax 03-5579-9549
October 20, 2005
Business Outline
-Investment Advisory and Asset Management
-Real Estate Transaction Services and Consulting (Acquisition, Disposition, Leasing, Management, Brokerage and Appraisal)
Board Members
President & CEO
Takemasa Mita
Senior Managing Director
Tsutomu Nagaoka
Noboru Ito
Hitoshi Nanba
Corporate Auditor
Masao Yano
Kokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.
JPY 50,000,000
[1] Financial Instruments Business / Director-General of Kanto Finance Bureau (Kinsho)#750, including
- Investment Management Business
- Type II Financial Instruments Business
- Investment Advisory and Agency Business
[2] Real Estate Transaction Business / Tokyo Metropolitan Governor (4) #85461
[3] Comprehensive Real Estate Investment Advisory Business #109
Association Membership
[1] Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association
[2] Japan Investment Advisers Association
[3] All Japan Real Estate Association
[4] All Japan Real Estate Federation

Organization Chart

Group Company

Kokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.
2nd Floor SOGO-KAN 110 Tower, 7-1, Kyobashi 3-chome,Chuo-ku,Tokyo
February 27, 1935
Business Outline
-Holding, purchase, sale, Leasing, rental and brokerage of real estate.
-Management, appraisal and lease consignment of real estate.
-Design, supervision and undertaking of civil engineering and construction.