Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We, Kokyo Asset Management Co. Ltd., recognize that our clients disclose their personal information to us for specific purpose based on their willingness and it is most important to protect such personal information and use it in accordance with customers’ intention.

Related to Personal Information

1.Compliance with Laws

In treating personal information (including any information which identifies a specific person) we comply with the laws, ordinance, and regulations on protection of personal information, obligations set forth in the guidelines issued by the Ministry and this policy.

2.Usage for the limited purpose

We utilize personal information for the purpose disclosed or presented to a person except for exceptional cases which are permitted by laws or cases when we obtain content from such a person.

3.Disclosure of usage purpose

We disclose the usage purpose, who shares personal information, the contact of our company in advance prior to obtaining personal information. We sometimes record inquiries for our record. We ensure the information obtained be used in order to provide timely and appropriate responses to the person who inquires.

4.Safety measures for management

We commit to make sure the personal information be maintained, updated for accuracy and used for the disclosed purpose without being illegally accessed, modified or leaked by implementing necessary and proper security measures of current technical standard.

5.Provision of information to third parties

We will not provide personal information to third parties other than the parties disclosed at the time of obtaining the personal information except for exceptional cases which are permitted by laws or cases when we obtain content from such a person.

6.Request for disclosure

When we receive a request from a person who wishes us to disclose, modify or delete his or her personal information, we will do so in accordance with regulations after we confirm the person’s identify. Please contact our contact in relation to personal information.

7.Response to complaints

We promptly and appropriately deal with complaints from our customer in relation to the personal information. We maintain our internal organization to do so.

8.Continuous improvement of internal organization

In order to properly treat personal information which we receive, we commit to continue strengthening and improving our internal organizations including amending this policy through setting internal by-laws, providing training to employees and conducting proper internal audit etc.

We, Kokyo Asset Management Co., Ltd., disclose the following in accordance with Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

□ Utilization Purpose of Personal Information

We use personal information for administration prior to contract execution, contract execution, contract management, after service, market research, product development, marketing strategies including information provisions etc.

1.Real estate research, development, sales and exchange business
2.Real estate leasing, management and operation business
3.Agency, brokerage and consulting business in relation to real estate sales, exchange and leasing business
4.Building research, planning, designing, monitoring and construction business
5.Real estate investment, securitization and associated consulting business
6.Asset management, property management and construction management in relation to acquisition and management of real estate and real estate trust beneficiary interest
7.Business related to Specified Joint Real estate Ventures
8.Investment advisory, management, agency, and brokerage business based on investment management contracts
9.Sale and brokerage business of real estate trust beneficiary interest, loans, equities of joint venture scheme and securities
10.Financial advisory business
11.Know your customer business
12.Other associated business
In case any other usage purposes is stated, such stated purposes will prevail.

□ Provision of personal information to third parties

We may provide such personal information as name, address, telephone number, email address ant others to the followings to the necessary extent in order to conduct businesses by way of writing, postal mail, telephone, email and other methods.
If we receive a request from a client no to do so, we will stop providing personal information.

1.Counter parties of contracts and transactions prospective customers, agents and co-business partners
2.Licensed real estate agents, brokers and advertising agents who deal with sale, exchange and leasing of real estates
3.Licensed real estate brokerage companies, guarantee companies, property management companies and advertising agents in relation to leasing and operation
4.Research organizations who are engaged in research and development of real estate
5.Real estate surveyors, Licensed Land and House Surveyors, and judicial scriveners who are engaged in measurement and registration of real estate
6.Architects, home remodeling companies, facility and equipment renewal service providers, and building management companies
7.Research organizations, consultants, asset managers property managers and construction managers etc. in relation to real estate investment and securitization 
8.Financial instrument business companies in relation to real estate trust beneficiary interest and real estate collective investment scheme
9.Lawyers, public accountants, tax advisers, real estate appraisers and consultants etc, from whom we receive specialized advisory and assistance services
10.Other third parties than the above listed parties to the extent necessary to attain such business objective as stated above
11.Regardless of the above clauses, we are able to disclose personal information in case we obtain consents by customers or in case we receive order by public authorities in accordance with laws.

□ Co-use of personal information

At present, we do not co use personal information with anyone.

□ Contact in relation to personal information

Please contact the following in relation to any queries or complaints in relation to personal information.

Kokyo Asset Management Co., Ltd.  Personal Information Section
Prare Ginza Building 12th floor, 1-14-4, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
TEL 03-5579-9552
Opening hours: 9:30~18:00 (except for Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, year-end and new year holidays and summer holidays.)

□ Changes to the Disclosures

The disclosures may be changed to ensure protection of our clients’ personal information and meet with regulatory changes. We will not notify each client of change each time. Since we will announce changes on this home page, please see and confirm changes on this home page.